Brogan Regier

Honours Candidate

Current Research

Over the past three decades, warming ocean temperatures have threatened the vitality of kelp ecosystems around the globe. In light of this, my research project aims to better understand the current state of kelp beds along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. A drop camera system was used to obtain video footage from a variety of locations with habitats potentially suitable for kelp. Percent cover analysis will then be used to map the abundance and distribution of kelp species in the area. This research is vital, since it has the potential to inform the planning of future marine protected areas.

Scholarships and Awards

NSERC URSA Scholarship (2021)
Dean’s List (2019-2022)
Golden Key International Honour’s Society (2019)
Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship (2018-2021)

Relevant Experience

Ocean Conservation Expedition Researcher
Students on Ice
September 2022

Science Communications Assistant 
Ocean Tracking Network
September 2021 – December 2021

Whales From Space Research Volunteer
Worm Lab, Dalhousie University
September 2021 – February 2022

John Dingle Science Communications Intern
Ocean Tracking Network
May 2021 – August 2021

Ocean Educator
Holy Family RCSSD School Division 
April 2018 – June 2019