Erika Simonson

Co-supervised by Robert Scheibling (Dept. of Biology, Dalhousie University)

Current research

My research focuses on terika_simonsonhe effects of increasing seawater temperatures on the kelp bed forming species Saccharina latissima, Laminaria digitata and Agarum clathratum. I am examining the direct effects of temperature on the growth, tissue structure, strength and chemical composition of the kelp species. I am then asking how temperature may alter interactions between the kelp species and the invasive encrusting bryozoan Membranipora membranacea, and between the kelps and their native herbivore Lacuna vincta.


Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
January 2013-2015

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
B.Sc. Biology (Honours); 2003-08
Thesis: Regulation of root system architecture in salt stress conditions. 
Supervisor: Dr. Aine Plant

Scholarship and awards

NSERC Alexandre Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master’s), 2012       Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010                    Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Undergraduate Scholarship, 2006-2007                  Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Open Scholarship, 2004-2008                             BC Summit Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University, 2003


Simonson E., Metaxas, A. & Scheibling, R.E. (2014). Temperature induced changes in kelp tissue increase feeding rate of a gastropod mesograzer. Benthic Ecology Meeting. March 19-22, 2011. Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Simonson E., Metaxas, A. & Scheibling, R.E. (2014). Temperature induced changes in kelp tissue increase feeding rate of a gastropod mesograzer. Patrick Lett Biology Graduate Student Symposium. March 14, 2014. Halifax, NS, Canada.

Simonson, E., Clement, K. & Stewart, A. (2011). Climate change on planet ocean: connecting with Alberta curriculum. Oral Presentation at the Alberta Teachers Association Science Council Conference. October 21-22, 2011. Lake Louise, AB.

Work and volunteer experience

  • Marine Science Educator, February 2009-December 2012                                        Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Bamfield, BC
  • Volunteer Adult Education Tutor, February-May 2012                                                  Bamfield Community School Association, Bamfield BC
  • Teaching Assistant, Temporate Rainforest Ecology, Summer 2010                           Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Bamfield, BC


Small Vessel Operator’s Proficiency License (SVOP)                                                   Marine Emergency Duties (MED A3)                                                                         Restricted Operators Certificate (Maritime) (ROC(M))                                                   Marine First Aid with CPR-C and AED                                                                        Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC)