Gwyn Mason

B.Sc. Honours (2013)                                                                                             Co-supervised by Jessica Sameoto (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, NS)                                                                                      gwyn                                                           Thesis

Using Video Analysis to Analyze the Drag Efficiency, Size Selectivity and In-Situ Swimming Bouts of Sea Scallops, German Bank


Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
B.Sc. Honours Co-op in Marine Biology (2013)

Scholarships and Awards

Dalhousie Undergraduate Bursary–$800.00 (2011)
Dalhousie Undergraduate Bursary–$500.00 (2010)
Dalhousie In-Course Scholarship–$500.00 (2010)
Lockward Memorial Scholarship–$818.00 (2009)
Entrance Scholarship, Dalhousie University–$5000.00 (2008)
Millennium Scholarship–$4000.00 (2008)
Lockward Memorial Scholarship–$4000.00 (2008)
Erich Burckhardt Foundation Scholarship–$1500.00 (2008)
Johnson Insurance Scholarship–$1500.00 (2008)
Various local awards–$3050.00 (2008)
Deans List (Institutional), Dalhousie University; (2009-2011)

Work and Volunteer Experience

Research Assistant, SHARP Project, Bedford Institute of Oceanography (2011)
Research Assistant, Nesting Beach Project, PRETOMA, Costa Rica (2011)
Teaching Assistant, BIOL 1010, Dalhousie University (2010)
Field Technician, American eel projects, Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation (2010)