Tanya Bryan (Leverette)

M.Sc. (2004)


Predicting suitable deep-sea coral habitat


M.Sc. (2004)
Biological Oceanography

B.Sc. Marine and Freshwater Biology (2000)
University of Guelph

Sept – Dec 1997   Semester at Sea (study abroad)
University of Pittsburgh


Sept  2003: Research Grant – Centre for Marine Biodiversity
Sept 2002:  Graduate Student Travel Grant – Dalhousie University
March 2002: DFO Sustainability Scholarship – Department of Fisheries and Oceans Sustainability Network
Jan  2002: Deep sea coral research grant –  Centre for Marine Biodiversity
April 1999: Latournelle Student Travel Grant  – University of Guelph

Leverette, T.L and A. Metaxas. 2003. Predicting suitable deep-sea coral habitat in the Northwest Atlantic using environmental factors. 2nd International Symposium on Deep Sea Corals. Erlangen, Germany. Oral Presentation

Leverette, T.L and A. Metaxas. 2002.  Predicting suitable deep-sea coral habitat using environmental factors. Centre for Marine Biodiversity oral presentation, Halifax, NS. Oral Presentation

Leverette, T.L. 2002.  Predicting the habitat distribution for the deep sea coral Lophelia pertusa, based on environmental parameters. 2nd International Symposium on GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences. Brighton, UK. Poster Presentation

Leverette, T.L. 2002. Cool Corals. St. Croix Courier. St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Leverette, T.L. 2001. A Predictive Model for the Occurrence of Deep-sea Coral Habitat in the Atlantic.  The  deep sea coral forum. Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Oral Presentation

Davis, J, T.L. Leverette and M. Costello. 2001. Integrating environmental monitoring data from the Quoddy region, Bay of Fundy .  National Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network conference, Calgary, AB. Oral Presentation