Raphael McDonald

Current Research

My research focus over the summer has been split into two different directions. I have been responsible, along with Kaitlin Burek, of the initial data collection to assess the use of population connectivity in the design of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to support Arieanna Balbar’s thesis. My second research focus has been to attempt to increase our understanding of early life history characteristics of the invasive bryozoan Membranipora membranacea by attempting to discover ways of inducing spawning in adult colonies reliably and improve our ability to raise larvae collected from the wild. My work will hopefully help improve our ability to run laboratory experiments using the early life stages of this invasive species.



Dalhousie University, Department of Marine Biology

B.Sc. Co-op in Marine Biology, Minor in Statistics

September 2014 – Present


Université Laval, Quebec City, QC

Department of Anthropology

Certificate in Anthropology

May 2013


Scholarships and Awards

Nancy Witherspoon Award (Institutional; 2017)

Dalhousie Undergraduate Bursary (2016)

Dalhousie In-Course Scholarship (2016)

Dalhousie University Dean’s List (2014-2017)


Work Experience

Plant Science Greenhouse and Laboratory Research Assistant, Acadian Seaplants (2016)

Student Animal Care Technician, Dalhousie University (2016)